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Standard, Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof
Positioner Feedback unit

For position feedback, the F5 unit offers the ability to very simply add switches (mechanical or proximity), a potentiometer or a 4-20 mA transmitter to the P5 base pneumatic positioner. The IP66 modular housing needs no special mounting pieces and is O-ring sealed. F5 mounts direct on top of P5/EP5 positioner. LED lights assist when calibrating the transmitter. The cam and spindle are not splined, so true 100% resolution is achieved - an important feature when used on control valves.
Available in standard, Intrinsically safe and Explosion proof versions.


  • Mounts on multiple positioners and actuators
  • Simple handling
  • Easy to install
  • Available in Intrinsically safe and Explosion Proof versions

  • Mounts easily on P5/EP5 without additional mounting bracket.
  • Bright visible, flat or dome position indicator
  • Easy to set cams with no fixed increments for true 100% resolution.
  • Switches, mechanical or proximity, P+F Namur sensors.
  • Potentiometer or 4-20 mA position transmitter
  • Sturdy, reliable and simple design
  • ATEX, CSA and FM approvals
  • Info printed on the PC board.