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Harsh Industrial Environments
Single & Double Acting

The PMV P-2000 series positioner is one of the sturdiest, reliable two-stage electropneumatic positioners on the market. Controlling air delivery with the PMV gold plated  spool valve assembly and receiving the 4-20 mA control signal through our voice coil magnet unit assembly, this positioner offers a wide range of features and benefits.

P-2000 has an internal gain adjustment, as with other PMV models, the easy to reach span and zero adjustment makes this model very simple to calibrate. 


  • Rugged design for harsh industrial environments
  • Simple, easy to calibrate
  • Low air consumption
  • High air delivery capacity
  • Internal gain adjustment
  • Bright, visible indicator
  • Mounting kits for a variety of actuators-rotary and linear.
  • Split range cam standard.
  • Can reverse action simply and quickly
  • Positive internal pressure
  • Variety of spindles and characterized cams.
  • Easy to add on position feedback, F5.