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Here are the available subcategories:

Piston Type Positive Displacement Flowmeter
Micro to Medium flows

Max piston type flow meters offer the highest accuracy (0.2% of reading), widest flow range (200:1 or more) smallest displacements and the tightest fits and tolerances. These peak performance meters are suitable for all low viscosity liquids. Consider the piston family for fuel measurement, hydraulic test stands, additive injection or any low flow application.

Gear Type Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Medium to Large Flows

Gear type positive displacement flow meters are high precision (0.3%) positive displacement meters that are insensitive to high or changing viscosities and work exceptional well on medium flow rates from 4 LPM up to 240 LPM.

Electro Magnetic Flowmeter

The electromagnetic flowmeter measures the volumetric flow rates of electrically conductive materials on the basis of Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction.

Acoustic Current Profiler
Mobile Ultrasonic Current Profiler

The Mobile Ultrasonic Current Profiler is an acoustic doppler velocimeter that operates in a manner very similar to an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. The primary difference is that the probe is kept fixed on the channel bottom and provide vertical velocity data in up to 128 cells.

Acoustic Stationary
Stationary Acoustic Current Profiler

The Acoustic Flow meter for permanent installations precisely measures water velocities in open channels and pipes using an advanced Doppler technology.Its high accuracy and instantaneous measurements makes it a perfect choice for for long-term real-time monitoring.The system consists of a transmitter  and a sensor.Sensors are available for horizontal or vertical mounting depending on application.

Acoustic Portable
Mobile Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The acoustic doppler velocimeter flow meter for portable applications precisely measures water velocities in open channels and pipes. With its high accuracy its a perfect choice for real-time monitoring and instantaneous measurements where time savings are an important aspect. It uses advanced Doppler technology to establish the velocity in many separate space points (cells) along the measurement axis and develop the flow profile.

Venturi Modified Open Channel or Full Pipe
NIST Traceable

The DataGator combines a modified Venturi flow tube design with strategically positioned pressure transducers to accurately and reliably measure flow under all conditions - including transitional periods between open channel and full pipe. The flow measurement is derived from proven hydraulic theories using three distinct pressure readings within the pre-calibrated flow tube.
By translating pressure directly into flow, the DataGator eliminates errors introduced by level and velocity conversions and average velocity calculations. Housed in a submersible NEMA6P enclosure, the DataGator electronics are designed to withstand the harsh sewer environment.


The versatile Aysix Prism combines our innovative digital technology for Gas Thermal Mass Flow Measurement with extensive Datalogging capability and portability. The ergonomically designed Prism Portable operates up to 10 hours on a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, and can capture up to 3800 data points of Gas Flow in up to 99 different pipes.

ATEX Zone 1 Approved

The Aysix Rio Thermal Mass Flow Meter provides the same levels of performance found in the popular Aysix Prime with the added ATEX Zone 1 Flameproof approval. The Rio features a bright, high contrast, photo-emissive OLED (Organic LED) display of Flow Rate, Total and Temperature in an explosion proof, dual-sided NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure.

Economical Water Flow Totalizing Meter
Single jet dry type totalizing water meter

The KOBOLD WM series is a single jet, dry type, totalizing water meter.  
It is an ideal choice for a range of sub-metering applications.

Coriolis mass
Coriolis mass flowmeters

Coriolis mass flowmeters are ideal for oils, gases/vapors and two-phase flows.

Portable Clamp On Flow Meter
Available with Dual Channel, Flow Rates, and Heat Quantity

The Aysix 230 portable flowmeter has a more advanced specification and is intended for more demanding measurements. The specification of the KF230 allows it to be used for applications such as heat flow measurement and the monitoring of two pipes simultaneously.

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