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Water Dispensing

Water Dispensing System
Water Dispensing System

When looking at dispensing bulk water a fully automated system can save hassles, headaches and money for both the provider and customer. A fully automated system eliminates the need to send an operator to retrieve logged information, lock out an account, or set up a new account. For the customer there is no need to continually buy prepaid cards; all is easily done online.
The System is controlled by a PLC that can be fully integrated into any SCADA system. The included software fully automates the system and displays: dispensing location, company information, date & time, truck number, and the total quantity of water dispensed. This information is then stored to a log file for quick access and an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the customer.

In order to allow automated use each facility can be accessed via a proximity RFID Keyfob or PIN code to grant the user access to the facility. A Variety of data & information can be pre-completed from the RFID key.  The WDS solution can be integrated into a variety of existing plant hardware or software. Our full system includes valves, meters and backflow preventers for new installations or our controller can be purchased which will integrate into your existing mechanical system.

Event Suite Included Software The WDS eVent Suite web portal application can be hosted remotely or internally within client intranet and allows multiple users tiered level secure access to a fully customize able web based application to view, analyze and produce reports from the transnational data delivered from the site.
Comprehensive desktop web based software and data management services provide a flexible and affordable solution for the handling and control of all data captured
at the facility. The Portal can be used for client and authorized contractor access to view and analyze appropriate site data, monitor billing information, view revenue information, review and monitor asset usage and asset reliability.



  • Single or Multi-Bay Facilities
  • Gatehouse & Traffic Light Monitoring
  • Query Based Reporting with Filter Features
  • Remote Monitoring & Audit
  • Manage User Access & Control
  • Control from a Central Software, along with Septage Receiving and Weigh Station Systems
  • Unlimited Remote Users
  • Fully Automated Billing with Pre-Paid credit options
  • Field Dispensers are Configurable from Office Software
  • Easily Customizeable to suite simple or sophisticated needs