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Septage Receiving System

Layout Details

There are 3 basic topology layouts; a Web Portal that is accessed through the web, a Hosted system that eliminates any need for maintenance, or a Boxed solution that resides on the customer's own infrastructure

Data Management Web Portal
Secure web based portal providing 24/7 access to data with any web browser
Password access for tiered level visibility
Enhanced data presentation for analysis and review
Multiple Users
Query based reporting features
Contractor billing / invoice generation
Revenue monitoring and analysis
Site Maintenance records
Integration into existing corporate packages

Data Hosted by Aysix/JRP
No Licensing Fee
No Dongle protected software
No specialist software required on clients PC
One off configuration setup charge
Monthly hosting fee based on site numbers
No additional annual costs
Low data management costs

Complete ‘boxed’ solution available
One off ‘whole life’ purchase cost
No monthly hosting fees
Installed on clients own infrastructure
Support packages provided by Aysix/JRP




  • Single or Multi-Bay Facilities with or without Gatehouse & Traffic Light monitoring
  • Pre-Sampling to record &/or accept or reject load
  • pH Monitoring to record &/or accept or reject load
  • Monitor Sludge Percentage & choose Tiered Billing dependent on amount of Sludge
  • Track both Sepatge Import and Export
  • Fully Automated Billing with Pre-Paid credit options
  • Query based reporting with filter features
  • Remote Monitoring & Audit
  • Manage User Access & Control
  • Sludge Cake Weigh Scale monitoring
  • Potable Water Tanker Filling Stations
  • Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Farms
  • Unlimited Remote Users