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Septage Receiving System

Operation Details

The Aysix family of loggers are designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind. The use of the logger is intuitive and easy to follow, with the menu driven prompts. Even for the inexperienced, first time user. Upon arrival to the logger the hauler can either present a swipe card or enter a four digit passcode to start the system. From there are easy to follow prompts and the hauler can start to dump. It is that easy.

Here is an example of a typical system:
• Screen reads “System Available Please Login
• Please swipe key fob in the Present Card Here area just below the screen.
• Screen reads “Are These Details Correct?” with the company information below….also gives direction to press accept or cancel to continue
• Please press the “accept” button if the information is correct, or cancel if it is not.
• Screen reads “Please select type of waste” with the following options:

  -Portable Toilet

• Please use the up and down arrow key to select the proper option, then press the accept button
• Screen reads Please select the class of waste, from the following options:
  -East Side
  -West Side
  -North Side
  -South Side
  -Central >Other

• Please use the up and down arrow key to select the proper option, then press the accept button
• Screen reads summarized information of the selection.
• If they are correct, please press accept
• Connect your hose to the system, and allow tanker to discharge. The volume will show on the screen as the septage discharges
• When the discharge finishes the bottom of the screen will read, no flow detected, please stop discharge.
• The summary of the details and amount discharge will show on the screen, and then it will reset to the start screen on its own






  • Single or Multi-Bay Facilities with or without Gatehouse & Traffic Light monitoring
  • Pre-Sampling to record &/or accept or reject load
  • pH Monitoring to record &/or accept or reject load
  • Monitor Sludge Percentage & choose Tiered Billing dependent on amount of Sludge
  • Track both Sepatge Import and Export
  • Fully Automated Billing with Pre-Paid credit options
  • Query based reporting with filter features
  • Remote Monitoring & Audit
  • Manage User Access & Control
  • Sludge Cake Weigh Scale monitoring
  • Potable Water Tanker Filling Stations