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Septage Receiving System

Hardware Design

Over many years we have developed our logger solutions to ensure that we offer flexibility and versatility, meeting the operational needs of our varied client base. The product family now consists of several versions to allow the client to specifically define their preferred tanker reception operations.
From the simplest single line system to the most complex controlled facility with pre-sampling, inline process monitoring and web based data visualisation we can design the solution to match the needs of your business.

Pre-Sampling of partial load:  Automatic pre-analysis of process parameters such as pH, Temperature & Conductivity, etc to ensure tanker content is acceptable for receipt before main discharge. Tanker load can be rejected or automatically diverted via actuated valves if process parameters are exceeded.

Inline Sampling during discharge:  Automatic inline sampling during volumetric discharge to monitor process parameters such as Flow, pH, Temperature & Solids. If process parameters are breached, loads can be prevented from further discharge. Complete transaction load details are recorded for audit trail / commercial billing and each discharge can be individually charged against exact volume quantities and strengths and in accordance with any pre-defined discharging tariffs.

Multiple Login / Authorization options:
Managing individual / multiple user authorization can be controlled in a number of ways:
• Simple START/STOP valve control functionality for basic volumetric control
• Contactless RFID Key Fob access - Users are provided with key vehicle tags which provide authorization when in the vicinity of the logger. Key fob access permissions can be remotely managed to ensure robust security
• PIN code login - can be setup as individual one-shot, timed or permanent parameter
• Vehicle recognition - Integration with number plate recognition software to define authorization / credit status, etc
• Remote Gatehouse controlling individual bay discharge - Complete facility management can be undertaken at a manned location to authorize discharge bay usage and monitor online transactions.




  • Single or Multi-Bay Facilities with or without Gatehouse & Traffic Light monitoring
  • Pre-Sampling to record &/or accept or reject load
  • pH Monitoring to record &/or accept or reject load
  • Monitor Sludge Percentage & choose Tiered Billing dependent on amount of Sludge
  • Track both Sepatge Import and Export
  • Fully Automated Billing with Pre-Paid credit options
  • Query based reporting with filter features
  • Remote Monitoring & Audit
  • Manage User Access & Control
  • Sludge Cake Weigh Scale monitoring
  • Potable Water Tanker Filling Stations