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Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer -FX-1000P

The Foxcroft FX-1000P Chlorine Residual Analyzer utilizes the most accurate online test method to determine Free chlorine or Total chlorine residual levels in a wide range of process waters, similar to that used in lab environment titrator test methods. Residual readings are instantaneous and do not rely on the sample and hold method; making it an excellent choice for your chlorine control or monitoring applications.

The FX-1000P is designed to operate continuously for years in a variety of process environments. Using a bare electrode rather than a membrane that can foul or clog, it is especially suited for wastewater applications.

The continuous 4-20 milliamp output signal can be used to drive chlorine residual control systems and/or chart recorders or SCADA systems. The alarm outputs can alert plant operators to an out of range chlorine residual, or trigger an autodialer in remote locations or during off-hours.

The measuring cell design incorporates several features to ensure accurate readings, such as; high-grade bare gold and copper electrodes, fixed sample and buffer feed rates, and continuous cell mixing and cleaning. Solid-state analog electronics provide stable, drift-free, residual readings and output signal. Electronic isolation eliminates problems from ground-loop and ensures operator safety.

The analyzer is designed to be relatively maintenance free, other than adding vinegar when it runs out. The use of vinegar as a pH buffer is simple, effective, economical, and environmentally friendly. Converting the analyzer to read total chlorine, is as simple as adding Potassium Iodide to the vinegar buffer or to distilled water, which would require a 2nd buffer pump.


  • EPA approved online amperometric test method
  • True amperometric test method
  • Measures free or total chlorine residuals
  • Applications include fresh water, wastewater, and food processing
  • Simple to calibrate and operate
  • Uses inexpensive, non-toxic, food grade vinegar for pH buffering
  • Continuous, isolated, 4-20 milliamp output signal, suitable for control or monitoring applications
  • Built-in high and low alarm relays
  • Field-adjustable range
  • High range capabilities to 60 PPM without dilution and higher with optional dilution panel