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Digital Manometer
Differential, Gauge, or Absolute Digital display Pressure Monitor

 The PS409 digital indicator and pressure sensor is ideally suited for test panels in industrial and laboratory applications where accurate low-pressure readings are required.

Digital Indicator:

The panel-mount digital indicator with large 0.5 inch high, 4-1/2 digit LED display, provides a clear readout in three engineering units: PSI, In. Hg and In. H20, which can be selected from the front panel. The indicator also features separate calibration adjustments for meter display and analog output.


The transducer is available in absolute, gage and differential versions. It features corrosion-resistant materials at point of contact with the pressure media. With an easy-to-replace sensing diaphragm, gage and differential transducers can be configured to measure 23 pressure ranges from 0.08 psi FS to 3200 psi FS. In addition, the unit provides a 5 Vdc analog output suitable for recording, remote display or control purposes.


  • Lightweight construction, 3/8 DIN enclosure
  • Absolute, gage and differential ranges, 0.08 to 3200 psi FS
  • All surfaces in contact with pressure media are stainless steel – both ports in differential units
  • 5 Vdc analog output standard
  • Temperature range 0°F to 160°