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Positive Displacement

Helical Type Positive Displacement Flow Meters
Medium to High Flows

Max Machine Helical flow meters are positive displacement meters with a very favorable low pressure drop behavior. They are therefore perfectly suited for the flow measurement of low (3Cps) as well as very high viscosity ( 1 million Cps) fluids. A progressive cavity splits the flow stream into fixed volumes. The straight-through design is ideal for measuring high viscosity liquids at high flow rates, with a minimal pressure drop. Repeatable and accurate over a 100:1 flow range, the helical rotor meters are ideal for applications that have high or changing viscosities


  • Measures highest flow rates and viscosities
  • 0.2% of reading accuracy (with linearized transmitter)
  • 100:1 flow range or more
  • Lowest pressure drop
  • Ideal for lube oils, hydraulic test stands, urethanes, grease, molten adhesives
  • Measure very high viscous flows to 1400 LPM
  • Pulse, voltage or current outputs