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Portable Multiparameter Analyzer
Aysix Odeon/Tripod Multi Parameter Analyzer

The Aysix Odeon /Tripod measures up to nine parameters these include  ,PH,OPR,DO,SS,Turbidity,Salinity,Conductivity, and Temperature.The tripod is a simple robust analyzer and works well in different applications. Field applications include Wastewater,Fish Farming ,Aquaculture, and Drinking Water.The Aysix Odeon has an egronomic design for all hand sizes with only 7 buttons to access all functions .The enclosure is outdoor, IP67 watertight rated.The meter has many configurations available and a standard set would include the following:

Meter                One (1) Aysix ODEON X (with 4 AA batteries)

Probes                          One(1), Two(2), Three(3) or Four(4) Digital probes with 3 meters cable length

Charger                         One(1) 120 V Charger

Aysix ODEON PC Cable         One(1)

Standard solutions     125 mL standard solutions (according parameters)

Carrying case              Outdoor case, plastic case, shockproof, lightweight; for 2 probes, PC cable, Charger and

                                         and 4 bottles of standard solution(125 ml

PC Software                   Aysix Odeon Viewer



Accessory Options

Standard Solutions (125ml)

PH :  4.01-7.01-10.01

ORP: 240 mV

Conductivity :84 µS/cm  1413 µS/cm  12880 µS/cm

Turbidity : Formazine

Cable Lengths :7m ,15m (Other sizes upon Request)

12 v external power supply cable

Carrying case

Upgrade from Classic 1 Probe Channel  to Open line with 2 Probe Channels


  • Measures up to 9 parameters with the Tripod Sensor Array
  • Modbus RS-485 and SDI12 Digital Communications
  • Compact Strong and Durable Probe Assembly
  • Comes with 3m,7m,15m Cable length probes
  • Digital Plug and Play Probes
  • Optional Photometer attachment for One portable analyzer
  • Measures 50 Photometric Parameters

  • One Portable Instrument for Analysis
  • Measure Multiple Parameters with One analyzer.
  • Simple to use Analysis Methods