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Up to Eight (8) Channels Multi-Parameter
Sensor Type; Dissolved Oxygen, TSS (MLSS), pH, ORP,

The Model MPA48 multi-channel analyzer is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with solid-state optical sensors. The analyzer will accept any combination of 4 to 8 sensors, (DO, SS, pH, and ORP) and automatically configure for the correct operation. The system allows for flexible and economical process monitoring and control.

The DO sensor to be used with this analyzer is an optical type sensor that measures the fluorescence and quenching reactions of a ruthenium complex that is immobilized in a sol-gel matrix. With no replacable cartridges, membranes or fill solutions the On Lone performence of the Aysix Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is suppier. The only maintenance required is periodic manual cleaning of the sensor. 

The TSS sensor is based on near infrared technology, which eliminates inaccuracies caused by changes in the process color or changes in particle size.

The pH and ORP electrodes are both flat glass, with double reference junctions, and temperature compensated. Both probes feature quick disconnect cartridge design for easy maintenance and fast changes.



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