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Dust Detection
Continuous Monitor

The Dust Detect 1000 is a single device dust detector that has been specifically designed to continuously monitor the flow of particulate emissions from small stacks and emission points being passed through an air filtration system. It easily installs in the exhaust ductwork and can be used with several types of filtration systems. The probe on the Dust Detect 1000 is able to recognize abnormal particulate levels outside user-defined preset parameters and initiates an alarm when changes in emission exceed these levels.

Dust Detect 1000 utilizes triboelectric technology, whereby the collision and interaction of particles with the probe rod cause a small electrical charge transfer to occur. This small electrical charge provides a signal that is monitored by the electronics. It is designed to prevent false readings, even if an accumulation of dust forms on the sensor rod. Emissions readings are averaged, not smoothed, to eliminate false alarms. It can be set to make pre-warning indicator alerts to potentially hazardous situations or be set to provide an instantaneous alarm or one-minute averaged readings.


  • Continuous Monitoring of Particulate Emissions (Single Devise)
  • Alerts to Dust Levels outside of preset standards
  • Makes the workplace safer and more efficient
  • Utilizes triboelectric technology. Small electrical charge transfer during particle contact with rod.
  • Adjustable reading rates - Instantaneous or one minute averaging
  • Used in conjuction with bag, ceramic, cartridge or cyclone filters