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Pressure Transducer

Model DP9 Miniature Differential Pressure Transducer offers the advantages of the Variable Reluctance transducers in a size that can be adapted to those applications where size and weight are critical. With its smallness come the features of low cavity volume and volumetric displacements along with the symmetrical construction, and corrosion resistance steel exposure found in the magnetic reluctance units of standard sizes.

This instrument provides the high nominal output characteristic of variable reluctance type and will operate with most carrier systems including the Validyne Model CD 16 Miniature Carrier Demodulator to furnish ± VDC for full span. Small tube pressure fitting are compatible with low pressure tubing and rubber or plastic hose.


  • Ranges from ±0.5 to ±500 psid
  • Full scale Low sensitivity to mechanical shock
  • Wide dynamic response range
  • Withstands extreme pressure overloads
  • Accepts corrosive liquids and gases
  • High natural frequency