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Low Pressure Range Transducer

The MP45-871 low pressure transducer is designed for pulmonary pressure and air flow measurement. The MP45-871 may be ordered in ranges as low as ±2 CM H2O full scale, which is ideal for use with pneumotachs in pulmonary flow measurement applications. The low internal cavity volume and symmetrical design of the MP45 allow fast
response to small pressure changes. Other pressure ranges to ±880 Cm H2O are available.

The MP45 features rugged, all stainless steel construction and replaceable sensing diaphragms. This allows the operating pressure range of the MP45 transducers to be
changed by the user. The MP45 withstands mechanical shock and vibration without damage.

For pulmonary measurement applications, the MP45 is used in conjunction with a Validyne carrier demodulator. The carrier demodulator provides the excitation, amplification, and filtering necessary to produce a DC output signal proportional to the flow or differential pressure sensed by the MP45. Carrier demodulators are available in a wide variety of styles from the basic CD15 to multi-channel systems is also available which includes carrier demodulators and flow-volume integration electronics for interface to medical chart recorders and XY plotters. A complete pulmonary testing set-up can be quickly assembled from standard components.


  • Differential Pressure Ranges: ±2 cm H2O to ±880 cm H2O
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction
  • Low Internal Volume, Small Volumetric Displacement for Fast Dynamic Response
  • Ideal for Pulmonary Applications