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Gauge & Differential
Very Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

The Validyne DP103 is designed for exceedingly low differential pressure measurement applications where high accuracy is required under rough physical conditions. With full scale ranges down to –0.008 psid (–0.56cm H2O), this instrument is being used in the measurement of very low flow rates of gases where symmetrical pressure cavities are required for dynamic response. It is also used in very small leak detection and pressure null detection systems.

Applications involving corrosive liquids and corrosive gases are easily handled as all surfaces exposed to the media are corrosion resistant steel. Overpressure as high as 100 psid will not destroy the sensing diaphragm and with recalibration the instrument may continue to be used.

Used with a typical Validyne carrier demodulator, –10Vdc output may be obtained for a pressure of –0.008 psid. The transducer may be lcoated 1000 feet or more from the electronics with no problem.


  • Full scale differential pressure ranges as low as ±0.008 psid
  • High line pressure capability
  • Wet-Wet differential
  • Equal pressure inlet volumes
  • Low acceleration sensitivity
  • Field replaceable sensing diaphragms