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6000 Series
Type X, Ex px certified purging system is a complete automatic system that will purge and pressurize the protected enclosure and maintain pressure within the enclosure.

 The 6000 series is the most advanced purge and pressurization system ever and can handle just about any application challenge. This new series has a stainless steel housing that contains the controller, pneumatics, electrical I/O, and programming interface. The programming screen allows easy setup and operation and lets the user program the system according to the requirements of the application. The screen also displays information such as fl ow, pressure, and system status. The pressure and flow feedback is provided to the control unit by the vent. With global certifications and a modern century design, the Purge 6000 is the most advanced system on the market! Pepperl+Fuchs continues to be “The Leaders in Purging Technology®.” 


  • Universal mounting options make the unit easy to integrate into existing and customized systems and allow you to mount the unit and vent in any vertical or horizontal orientation on your enclosure
  • A user-friendly interface with back-light LCD and highly visible LEDs allows easy programming and operation. The interface can be rotated to any orientation your application requires
  • The manifold has an automatic purging and pressurization feature that off ers considerable cost savings on gas for applications using non-atmospheric air.
  • 6000 series I.S. temperature hub and sensor can be used to monitor and control enclosure temperature