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Piston Type Positive Displacement Flowmeter
Micro to Medium flows

Max piston type flow meters offer the highest accuracy (0.2% of reading), widest flow range (200:1 or more) smallest displacements and the tightest fits and tolerances. These peak performance meters are suitable for all low viscosity liquids. Consider the piston family for fuel measurement, hydraulic test stands, additive injection or any low flow application.

Piston flow meters are positive displacement meters that are insensitive to high or changing viscosities and work exceptional well on very low flow rates 1 CCPM, and up to 26 USGPM. Reciprocating pistons and their cylinders create this meter’s measuring chambers. Close tolerances result in very high accuracy (0.2% of reading) and small piston size provides a high resolution output. Smooth rotation on ball bearing supports allows each meter of this group to operate all the way down to 1 / 1000 th of the full scale flow rate. These meters are ideal for wide range and very low flow applications.


  • Highest accuracy 0.2% of reading (with linearized transmitter)
  • Widest flow range, 200:1 or more
  • Small displacements, scaled to flow rates
  • Tightest fits and tolerances suitable for low viscosity liquids
  • Viscosities to 1 million CPS
  • Ideal for fuel and hydraulic test stands, additive injection, brake fluid
  • Measure ultra low flow rates less than 1 CCPM
  • Fully bi directional with pulse, voltage or current outputs