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The Aysix Prism is the newest innovation in our Product Line, offering a Battery Operated Thermal Mass Flow Meter with extensive Data logging capability. Designed to operate for up to 10 hours on a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the Insertion Style Portable Thermal Mass Flow Meter can measure and log Gas Flows through existing ports in pipes 1" and larger. The ergonomically designed Prism Portable can log in AUTO LOGGING Mode or MANUAL LOGGING Mode. AUTO Mode will capture a Flow data point every 10 seconds. MANUAL Mode will capture a Flow data point each time the SEL button is pressed - and the Display will flash as the point is captured. The data is stored within the Portable for subsequent transferring to a file, and also displays the data visually.

The Aysix Prism can be set up for up to 16 Calibrations or Configurations that initially default to Channel A, Channel B, Channel C, etc. Prior to using the Flow Meter, those Channels can be renamed (up to 8 characters) using the software to clearly describe the Channel's calibration parameters (i.e., NATGAS2"). However, the software will not be required to select the Channels upon use, that can be done with the UP and DOWN command buttons.


  • High contrast photo-emissive OLED display with numerical Flow Rate,Total and Temperature, as well as Graphical Flow Indicator
  • A 4-digit Log # of the captured data (which sequentially advances after each data capture)
  • A numerical display of the instantaneous Flow Rate
  • A graphical bar representing the Flow Rate
  • A numerical display of the Gas Temperature
  • A Date and Time Stamp of the data capture
  • A Channel ID (A - P) associated with the User's selection of up to 16 different calibrations, or user-defined settings (Full Scale, Pipe ID, etc.)
  • Option to switch to TAG ID Navigation displaying up to 99 unique 8-character TAG IDs defining specific pipe locations
  • Portability with up to 10 Hours of rechargeable battery operation
  • Datalogging of Gas Mass Flow Rate with up to 3800 data points
  • Up to 16 unique Calibrations or Configurations (A - P) in one Meter as well as the ability to copy data from any Channel to another