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BT Series Batch Totalizer
Battery Totalizer

Ultra-low power consumption and innovative design are the key features of the BT self-powered totalizer. It is specifically designed for computing and displaying totals from flowmeters or machinery with frequency, sine wave or pulse outputs. It simultaneously displays resettable (batch) total and a cumulative total in engineering units as programmed by the user

The instrument simultaneously displays resettable (batch) total & accumulative total in engineering units as programmed by the user. Ultra low power consumption is a result of innovative design which provides as much as 10 years of service from the replaceable 3.6V lithium battery. The BT may also be externally powered by 8~24Vdc.


The pulse output can be set as either a scaled or un-scaled pulse & is NPN/PNP selectable. The un-scaled pulse serves as a frequency amplifier for turbine or paddle wheel style flowmeters.


  • Integral components makes for a simple installation
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Low cost ownership

  • Self powered 8 digit LCD cumulative totalizer with large 5 digit resettable total
  • Robust firld mountable housing with protective cover as standard
  • Simple flowchart key programming
  • Scaleable universal pulse inputs
  • IP66 weatherproof (Nema 4X)
  • PIN Protected programming
  • Long battery life
  • Intrinsically safe operation