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Two Stage Preset Batch Controller

The EB Ecobatch is fully programmable a two stage pre-set batch controller with high speed counting & automatic overrun compensation. Applications include bottle & container filling, loading systems & batch mixing

Robust and easy-to-use the EB (total in engineering units as programmed by the user. It Ecobatch) high speed batch controller is designed to operate with common pulse producing flowmeters, such as positive displacement, turbine, mass and vortex or magnetic style. It displays batch value, batch progress and cumulative also logs the total number of batches performed.

The ES high speed batching system is specifically packaged as an installation-ready industry. It is ideal for the typical batching of small to medium volumes of water or similar low viscosity liquids required in many metering assembly which is suitable for the most common liquid transfer applications throughout industries. Applications include; food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paint and chemicals, adhesives and building products.


  • Integral components makes for a simple installation
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Integral flow conditioner and strainer
  • Low cost ownership

  • High speed count
  • Close couples batching system
  • Includes flow meter, solenoid valve and integral strainer
  • Automatic overrun compensation
  • Remote start and stop
  • Maximum batch size limiting