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Vibrating Rod
Free Flowing Granules

The NIVOCONT R series of vibrating rod level switches are robust instruments designed for low and high level
indication of granules and powders with a minimum of 0.05 kg/dm3density. Mounted on tanks, silos or hopper bins
it can control filling / emptying, or give fail-safe alarm signals. The highly polished version is recommended to use
for abrasive mediums. The operation principle is based on that the electronic circuit excites the vibration in the rod
probe. When the medium reaches and covers the rod vibration stops, when the medium leaves the rod it returns to
vibrate freely. The electronics senses the change of vibration and gives output signal after a selected delay


  • Extension up to 20 m
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Max. medium temperature 160°C
  • Universal supply voltage
  • Dust explosion protection
  • Fine polished probe